Huntington Historical Society

72 Worthington Road, Huntington, Massachusetts

Upcoming Events

Huntington Historical Society Open House
The Norwich Bridge Schoolhouse Museum

Corner of Worthington and Littleville Roads, Huntington

Sunday  July 31,  2016  1 - 4 pm

Come and visit our old-time one room schoolhouse. Explore our collections of books, documents, maps, artifacts, clothing, tools and other historical items

Additional Open Houses planned for last Sunday of each month until fall.

Regular meeting - every 3rd Tuesday, 7:00pm, at the Norwich Bridge School


Sign at the Norwich Bridge School Museum

The Huntington Historical Society, formally organized in the early 1980’s, is a non-profit organization of people who care about Huntington’s heritage and local history.  The society is an educational and cultural resource for the town of Huntington, dedicated to the preservation of the historical heritage of our town for the good of all the people of Huntington. Our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret documents and artifacts reflecting the life of Huntington and its people from the 18th century to the present, as well as provide for educational and cultural programs that illustrate the interesting and exciting history of Huntington.