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"Pleasant Recollections" - courtesy of Jeff Penn

Jeff Penn Postcard Collection

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The Huntington Historical Society, citizens of Huntington and researchers of postcards, are indebted to Jeff Penn for allowing us to display his post collection of older postcard scenes of Huntington [and nearby environs]. This collection was collected by Jeff over a number of years and at some personal expense as many of these postcards had to be purchased from vendors. Others were gifts from people who enjoyed seeing one of the displays of the collection at the post office or John's Barber shop (formerly on Worthington Rd. in Huntington - now closed). 

These cards represent a period of time in which using an inexpensive postcard, plus postage stamp, was the preferred method to send a short message. Jeff's collection spans the period from about 1906 to 1975.  Some of his postcards range from:  simple greeting cards, stylized printings of real and stock scenes, and even pictures of individuals and photos from their lives which they wanted to display.  The most interesting, for the Historical Society, are the postcards that capture views of an older Huntington - buildings, roads and scenes that look quite different or are gone entirely today.

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Please note: the dates that we attach to many of these postcards are based on the postage cancellation dates.  You will see many undated, vaguely described and a few unidentifiable postcards. Our hope is that interested viewers will email us and offer answers or ideas on any postcard that may be inaccurately described or dated.  Also please feel free to email us to ask a question, or have a discussion, about any postcard you may have interest in.  Contact us by =

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