Water and Sewer Agenda 2.14.24-- 6:00 PM - Town Hall


 Meeting Agenda February 14, 2024 - 6:00 PM Town Hall  Meeting Called to order 

New Business 

  1. Review and approved Meeting Minutes 1.3.2024, 1.17.2024,1.31.2024 and 2.7.2024.          
  2. FY2025 Water and Sewer Budget Planning Final Review
  3. FY2024 Revenue Review.
  4. Water and Sewer rate increase.
  5. Capital Planning 
  6. Annual Town Report for Commissioners to review and approve.
  7. Ardent is looking for payment.  Jim Gobeille to discuss further with Zach.
  8. 1 Westwood Drive- is this location tied to Sewer? Status of Certified Mail notice to homeowner. Need to validate location is tied to sewer line.  Commissioners to sign.
  9. Senior Work Off Request to be signed.
  10. CWSRF Asset Management Grant status. The grant is for $89,775 and this Town is responsible for $29,925 of in-kind services and $29,925 cash match.  The Total Project value is the sum of those three, $149,625.
  11. 8 Basket Street – Nick Toroni June gallon usage 13,107, prior months average 9000 gallon range.
  12. O&M proposal
  13. Revisit Water and Sewer Administrative Coordinator Job Description.
  14. WasteWater Operator Job Description – Need copy of John Berry’s update.
  15. Water Operator Job Description
  16. Status Drug and Alcohol Policy and Conflict of Interest Law Online Training Program.


Any other topics not included on this agenda.

Next Water and Sewer Meeting scheduled for 2/21/24 FY2025 Budget Planning with Selectboard 6:00 PM.

Meeting adjourned