Join Us

The Huntington Historical Society welcomes anyone interested in the history of Huntington to join. The dues are $6.00/year for individual memberships and $10.00 for family memberships; and the memberships are for one year from Mid-August to Mid-July. You will receive just one [1] printed membership card both an individual and/or family membership.

You may join by writing a check to: The Huntington Historical Society and mailing it to:

David Norton
P.O. Box 373
Huntington, MA  01050-0373

You may also make any membership inquiries by email at: hunthistsoc [at]

Benefits of Membership:

  1. You may become an active-member who could volunteer in any aspect of our work from: attending our meetings and becoming an active voice for the history of our town; participating in any of our live presentations by doing necessary research or becoming a presenter; performing any of our numerous research, artifact, photo-document storage and preservation projects; having more lengthy access to our research materials and books; discovering and attending specialized historical workshops that are available to others’ with a strong historical interest; assisting us in our continuous maintenance of our museum facility.
  2. You may also become a less-active member just by acquiring your membership [just attend meetings and/or just support our projects in a manner you are comfortable with] – you would understand that you are helping out by providing us with a funding source for our activities.
  3. Those of us who are active members gain a greater appreciation of the lives of the people, events and decisions that shaped our town as it exists today – it is an amazing history of life in New England.